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Diesel Engine Concrete Conveying pump
Diesel Engine Concrete Conveying pump
Diesel Engine Concrete Conveying pump

Concrete large-scale conveyor equipment, used in tall buildings, high-speed, overpass and other large-scale concrete project concrete transportation work.

Diesel Engine Concrete Pump series _HBTS90-18-195R is the Cylon heavy industry diesel engine power concrete pump adhering to the company has always been the product concept, combined with a number of applications to improve experience, to meet the high efficiency of modern construction, low consumption requirements, the manufacture of a product.

       Diesel Engine Concrete Conveying pumpFeatures are as follows:

• Stable and reliable hydraulic system

Unique open-type hydraulic system, so that the system to shift impact is small, less heat. Together with the use of heavy-duty hydraulic main pump and hydraulic valve, the main pump displacement is large, hydraulic valve tongjing large, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of concrete pump.

Hydraulic pipeline selection of high-function seamless steel pipe, welding to ensure no leakage phenomenon, all fittings and high-pressure hose are selected brand products. and choose a unique buckle tube skills to ensure that no detonation tube, no oil leakage phenomenon.

• Efficient pumping System

The variable diameter planning at the end of the material can release the variable diameter pressure of the concrete in the transport tube and reduce the wear-resistant life of the S tube outlet. Together, the French connection between the variable diameter pipe and the outlet is selected, which effectively reduces the phenomenon of pumping impact and tremor.

Large torque mixing system is not only large torque, and easy to disassemble the mixing shaft planning, convenient for the customer's maintenance, mixing blades selected wear-resistant alloy three-sided surfacing process to ensure its high number of years.

Pumping displacement stepless adjustment: so that the pumping speed to complete stepless adjustment, according to the specific conditions of construction, very convenient to change the pumping displacement, satisfied with different operating conditions.

• User-friendly electronic control system

With a humanized, intelligent electronic control system, optimize the man-machine interface, so that human-machine integration, operation. Intelligent control: Accurate monitoring of the whole machine, together with the text to show the working state of the whole machine, and when the order to give a warning. Optimized interlock planning can effectively prevent accidental operation, in the control process set up to prevent motor belt start and other active protection mode, refuse misoperation, strengthen the reliability of the system.

Skill parameters

Scope of application

The product with its excellent function is widely used in township construction, road and bridge construction, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel construction and other construction sites.