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Diesel Engine Concrete Conveyor pump Supplier
Diesel Engine Concrete Conveyor pump Supplier
Diesel Engine Concrete Conveyor pump Supplier


Main features of diesel engine concrete conveying pump _HBTS80-16-161R

  Diesel Engine Concrete Conveying pumpIt is widely used in township construction, road and bridge construction, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel construction and other construction sites.

Key Features

1. Stable and reliable hydraulic system

Common open hydraulic system, so that the system commutative impact is small, less heat. Together with the use of heavy-duty hydraulic main pump and hydraulic valve, the main pump displacement is large, hydraulic valve tongjing large, and then to ensure the safety and robustness of the concrete pump.

Hydraulic pipeline selection of high-performance seamless steel pipe, welding to ensure no leakage phenomenon, all fittings and high-pressure hose are selected brand products. And the use of common buckle management skills, to ensure that no detonation tube, no oil leakage phenomenon.

2. Efficient pumping System

The variable diameter planning at the end of the material can release the variable diameter pressure of the concrete in the conveyor tube and reduce the wear-resistant life of the S tube outlet. Together with the choice of variable diameter pipe and outlet of the French Connection, useful to reduce the pumping impact, vibration phenomenon.

Large torque mixing system is not only large torque, but also easy to disassemble the mixing shaft planning, convenient for the customer's maintenance, mixing blades selected wear-resistant alloy three-sided surfacing process to ensure its high number of years.

Pumping displacement stepless Conditioning: so that the pump speed to complete stepless conditioning, according to the specific conditions of construction, very convenient to change the pumping displacement, satisfied with different operating conditions.

3. humanized Electronic control system

Rich in humanized, intelligent electronic control system, optimize the man-machine interface, so that the integration of human and machine, easy to operate. Intelligent control: Accurate monitoring of the whole machine, together with the text display of the operation status of the whole machine, and when the order to give a warning. Optimized interlock planning can be useful to avoid accidental operation accidents, in the control process set up to avoid motor belt load and other automatic protection mode, rebuffed misoperation, strengthen the robustness of the system.

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