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Motor Concrete Pump Model
Motor Concrete Pump Model
Motor Concrete Pump Model

Main features of electric motor concrete conveying pump _HBTS60-16-90

  Motor Power Concrete Pumpis Xuesaitong heavy industry adhering to the company's consistent product concept, combined with countless applications to improve experience, to meet the modern construction of high-power, low-cost requirements, to create a concrete conveyor pump.

The main characteristics of concrete conveyor pump are as follows:

1. Power system, hydraulic system and pumping system matching reasonable, effective use of the power of the motor

2. High suction, the actual pumping power to reach the theoretical value of more than 80%

3. Configuration optimization, selection of hydraulic parts and electrical components, greatly improve the reliability of equipment application

4. Common distribution of oil buffer technology, to ensure that S tube swing in place, extend the service life of S tube

5. The use of high and low voltage switching simplifies the operation mode


Technical parameters

Scope of application

Widely used in township construction, road and bridge construction, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel construction and other construction sites.