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Electric motor Concrete Pump supply
Electric motor Concrete Pump supply
Electric motor Concrete Pump supply

Motor Concrete Conveyor Pump _HBTS80-13-110

Semikron heavy industry pump adhering to the company's consistent product concept, combined with numerous applications to improve experience, manufacturing in addition to a concrete pump. Hydraulic system selection of double pump double circuit, pumping unit selection of high-pressure large displacement variable oil pump, distribution unit selection of S pipe valve mode.

ProductsElectricMotivational concrete ConveyingPumpIt is widely used in township construction, road and bridge construction, water conservancy and hydropower and other construction sites.

The main features are as follows:

1. Smooth system selection of automatic gathering oil supply system, oil supply full, smooth effect, and save consumption

2. The application of new wear-resistant materials and welding process, so that the application life of commonly used wearing parts is increased exponentially

3. Power system selection of reliable motor brand, providing weak power

4. Hydraulic system common open hydraulic system, so that the system commutative impact is small, less heat

5. Rich in humanized, intelligent electronic control system, optimize the man-machine interface, so that the integration of human and machine, easy to operate.

Technical parameters,