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Manufacturer of motor Concrete pump
Manufacturer of motor Concrete pump
Manufacturer of motor Concrete pump

Introduction to _HBTS90-18-132 products of electric motor concrete conveying pump

Secco's products combine a lot of use to improve experience, to meet the modern construction of high-power, low-cost requirements. Hydraulic system selection of double pump double circuit, pumping unit selection of high-pressure large displacement variable oil pump, distribution unit selection of S pipe valve method,Motor Concrete Conveyor PumpWidely used in urban creation, road and bridge creation, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel creation and other construction sites.

The main features are as follows:

1. High suction, the actual pumping power to reach the theoretical value of more than 80%

2. Unique distribution of oil buffer technology, to ensure that the S tube swing in place, extend the application of S tube life

3. Lubrication system selection of automatic gathering oil supply system, oil supply is sufficient, lubrication effect is good, and save consumption

4. Power system selection of reliable motor brand, providing weak power

5. With humanized, intelligent electronic control system, optimize the man-machine interface, make man-machine integration, easy to operate.

Technical parameters