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Concrete cloth Machine
Concrete cloth Machine
Concrete cloth Machine

Concrete Cloth Machine _WT-12

TheConcrete cloth MachineThe full rotary arm frame cloth structure is adopted. Equipped with φ133mm conveyor pipe, the whole machine manual operation. With stable and reliable structure, light and flexible rotation, a full range of positive and negative rotation, turning radius can be arbitrarily adjusted, the appropriate height of the tower body, just easy to pull the rope, you can arbitrarily change the orientation of the cloth.

Technical parameters

Concrete cloth function expands the concrete pouring range and improves the mechanization level of pumping construction.

This machine is a concrete conveyor pump supporting equipment, and concrete pump connection, expanding the range of concrete pumping. It is connected with the concrete pump through the standard conveyor piping, which effectively solves the difficult problem of pouring cloth in the field, and plays a very important role in reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving the construction efficiency.