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Concrete Car Pump Price
Concrete Car Pump Price
Concrete Car Pump Price


Concrete car Pump _HBC90-14-161/181R is a Cylon heavy industry in order to meet the growing demand for concrete construction mobility, the special launch of theConcrete Vehicle Pump, racing pump with its good reliability, maneuverability and beautiful appearance, is becoming the first choice of more and more concrete equipment users, welcome customers to come to buy, plug heavy industry dedicated to serve you.

Important Structural Features:

• Weak power: The host selection of brand motor, diesel engine;

• High-quality hydraulic components: The main oil pump and hydraulic valve selection of high-quality hydraulic products;

Hydraulic system: The use of open circuit, electro-hydraulic commutative system;

• Set up a high and low voltage switch valve: According to the construction requirements at will adjust the operation status of the pump machine, no need to disassemble the tubing, to avoid system pollution;

• The pump machine is equipped with a remote control device to facilitate the operation of construction personnel;

• Tungsten Steel wear-resistant plate and German original imported rubber piston, its long life;

• Main system valve group flow, low oil temperature, low system failure.

Technical parameters