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Engineering washing turbines
Engineering washing turbines
Engineering washing turbines

Engineering washing Turbine: DJ-100T washing turbine

OurWashing turbinesComputer software control, can automatically end the flushing, mud discharge operations, flushing water can be recycled, continuous operation, only need to replenish a small amount of water, so can save a lot of water resources. Especially suitable for all kinds of construction sites, mining workshops, cement products factories, coal mines, power plants, waste landfill plants, communities and other places of access to vehicle cleaning. Then arrive at the excellent project without dust pollution. The washing turbine unit is easy to transport and can be applied to the demand of frequent transition of various sites.

1, factory direct sales, every year to sell thousands of units, products covering the whole country, is ChinaEngineering washing turbinesEnterprises with a large production and sales volume.

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