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Sand Separation Machine
Sand Separation Machine
Sand Separation Machine

Introduction of Sandstone Separator Products

This product is for the domestic concrete use characteristics of the development of the third generation of new products, mainly used in concrete mixer cleaning and mixing station waste material treatment. Be able to clean and separate the sand and stone in the waste, realize the recycling and reuse, and effectively deal with the pollution problem of waste concrete in the mixing station and save valuable construction resources, which is the necessary environmental protection equipment of the mixing station.

Sandstone Separator Product Features:

1. The screening drum has the function of automatic plugging;

2. The Shakou out of the sand is at the end of each work cycle with automatic high-pressure water cleaning function;

3. Design car in place indicator light, convenient for car wash driver operation judgment;

4. Separator Machine Selection Heating device (for the working environment below freezing point);

5. Simple structure, easy maintenance and repair, the entire product function to achieve all the same axis mechanical transmission type, maintenance and repair is simple. General products for the two-stage split form, complex structure;

6. Low power, the total power of the entire sandstone separator 3.0 kw, the general sandstone separator on the market about 8-12.5-kilowatt;

7. Low failure rate, the equipment all the power from a set of motor reducer to achieve (the general product is two sets), the failure rate of the general product 50%;

8. Separation material cleanliness is high, the lower part of the separator 1/3 height is always full of water, stone and sand are washed, the surface cleanliness is high, the sand mode is the filter water fishing type, the general product spiral Conveyor squeezes out of the sand, contains a large number of mortar;

9. The diameter of the whole machine feed port up to 380, strong swallowing capacity, discharge to achieve non-interference shovel transport;

10. Electrical control components for imported brands (Schneider, Omron).

Technical parameters

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