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Supplier of fine stone concrete pump
Supplier of fine stone concrete pump
Supplier of fine stone concrete pump


Main features of fine stone concrete conveying pump _HBTS30-10-45

The traditional ground heating construction mortar pump can not transport fine stone concrete, this problem has been bothering the ground heating construction personnel.Fine Stone Concrete Conveyor PumpXuzhou Cylon Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. for the characteristics of ground heating construction equipment, design and manufacture of small s-tube valve mortar pump-----Fine stone concrete pump, successfully handled the ground heating construction in the transport of fine stone concrete problem.

Key Features

• Choose S Tube Valve to shift, can meet the transport of fine stone concrete;

s pipe valve is equipped with floating wear-resistant ring, active compensation wear, good sealing;

• Spectacle plate and cut ring selection of high hardness wear-resistant alloy material, long life;

• High export pressure to meet the delivery requirements for high-rise construction and long-range construction;

• Hydraulic system selection of dual-loop mode system, fast commutative speed, high efficiency;

• Hydraulic oil cooling selection of air-cooled heat dissipation system, no need to connect water, easy to use;

• Anti-pump function, reduce pipe blockage;

• Equipped with active gathering smooth system to ensure the service life of rotating parts;

• Electrical part of the choice of PLC control, with good control characteristics;

• The electrical box is equipped with a wired remote control handle for easy operation.

Technical parameters

Scope of application

The fine stone concrete equipment specially developed for the characteristics of ground heating construction is suitable for the large area and high efficiency construction of fine stone concrete filling layer or mortar filling layer in the ground heating project, and can also be used for the transportation of fine stone concrete or mortar in construction projects, tunnels, mines and other projects.

・ after adding spray accessories, can also be used as a spray pump for concrete, mortar, refractories and soil beautification of the injection and throwing

• Concrete pumps for construction can be used for concrete construction of high-rise construction, railway and road tunnels, bridge and culvert, hydropower, mining and national defense projects.