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Small concrete Pump Model
Small concrete Pump Model
Small concrete Pump Model

Characteristics of small concrete pump _HBTS50-13-92R (diesel engine type)

  Small concrete Delivery PumpKey Features

・ with floating wear-resistant ring, active compensation wear, good sealing;

• Spectacle plate and cut ring selection of high hardness wear-resistant alloy material, long life;

• High export pressure to be satisfied with the delivery requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction;

• Hydraulic system selection of dual-loop mode system, fast commutative speed, high efficiency;

• Hydraulic oil cooling air-cooled cooling system, no need to connect water, easy to use;

• Anti-pump function to reduce pipe blockage;

• Equipped with active gathering lubrication system to ensure the service life of rotating parts;

• Electrical part of the choice of PLC control, with outstanding control characteristics;

• Electrical box equipped with wired remote control handle, easy to operate.

Technical parameters

Scope of application

Tunnels, water diversion holes, irrigation piles, hydroelectric power stations, mining caves, small-scale civil construction and other projects of concrete work.

・ after adding spray accessories, can also be used as a spray pump for concrete, mortar, refractories and soil beautification of the injection and throwing

• Concrete pumps for engineering construction can be used for concrete construction in construction, railway and road tunnels, bridge and culvert, hydropower, mining and national defense projects.