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Special Pump for pile machine
Special Pump for pile machine
Special Pump for pile machine

Main features of special pump _HBTS50-13-75 for pile machine

In order to meet the requirements of Foundation and foundation treatment Construction, Xuzhou Cylon Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. Engineering and technical personnel set many years of experience in R & amp; d of concrete pumps, design and manufacture of a long spiral pile machine supporting the use ofSpecial Pump for pile machine, this product is suitable for the construction of machine irrigation pile with CFG pile.

Key Features

• Electric proportional displacement adjustment to meet the needs of a variety of working conditions;

• Power system, hydraulic system and pumping system matching reasonable, effectively play the larger power of the motor;

• High suction, the actual pumping efficiency reached more than 80% of the theoretical value;

• Full hydraulic commutative open system, high cleanliness of hydraulic oil, low oil temperature, small commutative impact;

• Unique distribution of oil buffer technology to ensure that the S tube swings in place to extend the service life of the S tube;

• High and low voltage automatic switching technology, Button switch operation, no hydraulic oil leakage, no pollution, fast removal of plugging pipe;

• The main cylinder can effectively prevent water from entering the hydraulic system and prevent the emulsification of hydraulic oil;

• New wear-resistant materials and welding process applications, the use of commonly used wearing parts of the service life is multiplied.

Technical parameters

Scope of application

This product is suitable for CFG method, precast pile, cast-in-place pile, underground continuous wall, soft foundation reinforcement and other projects, especially suitable for the pile foundation construction of housing project.