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Current diesel engine concrete pump industry status

China's diesel engine concrete pump in the past more than 10 years, in full swing to carry out, but because of China's start relatively late, to today although achieved significant results, this is compared with the previous comparison. If we go out of the country and compare it to the world market, we find that there is still a big gap. So now China's domestic diesel engine concrete pump, if you want to have a place in the world market, it is necessary to overcome, break the status quo at that time. So what is the status quo of diesel engine concrete pump in China at that time? Here is an example to explain the concrete pump of diesel engine.

1. Direction of scientific research. of our countryDiesel Engine Concrete Conveying pumpIn the work of scientific research, production enterprises have always focused on the development of mechanical mainframe, and little attention has been paid to the development of other parts of the machine. The development of electrical box is a neglected one, which also leads to the degree of dependence on foreign electrical boxes is relatively high. This greatly restricts the development of machinery. Due to the status of the entire machine, the proportion of the mainframe and the electrical box is 4:6. Therefore, the development direction of mechanical scientific research needs to be adjusted quickly.

2. Electrical box Water products. From a large number of data appear, now, in the domestic ability to produce qualified quality, diesel engine concrete pump electrical box enterprises are few. This electrical box has a very high material requirement. Domestic not only can produce less, and even some manufacturers do not know this material.

3. Less investment in scientific research. The development of enterprises needs funds, the same research technology is needed to develop funds. The low investment in development is also a reason why the electrical box can not be carried out very well. Producing high-end products requires the purchase of appropriate equipment, and there are not many enterprises that can make such investments.

4. Less business communication. The development of a profession is not the development of every professional category, but the joint development of many categories. The problem that our country faces in the course of production is that there is very little communication between related enterprises. For example, diesel engine concrete pump OEMs and electrical box factory communication is not much, which restricts the development of the profession, if the occupation to be rapid and efficient to carry out the need for mutual cooperation. The link between close industries.