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"Look here." Analysis of core technology of two-time structural pump

Construction machinery Industry is one of the primary pillar industries of China's machinery industry. According to the statistics of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Construction Machinery can pay dividends to shovel soil transportation machinery, excavation machinery, engineering lifting machinery, industrial vehicles, pavement machinery, compaction machinery, rock drilling machinery, pneumatic tools, concrete machinery, pile machinery, municipal engineering and sanitation machinery, decoration machinery, steel bars and prestressed machinery, line machinery, Military construction machinery, elevators and escalators, special construction machinery, construction machinery special parts, such as 18 categories. With the vigorous support for the development of the construction machinery industry, more and more intelligent machines are widely used. Rural construction is also a vigorous development, so the use of rural building equipment-two times the structure of special pumps came into being.

Two-time structure pump working principle product Features:

Selection of advanced S pipe valve commutator, can be satisfied with the transport of fine stone concrete, s tube valve equipped with floating wear-resistant ring, active compensation wear, good sealing, spectacle plate and cut ring selection of high-hard wear-resistant alloy materials, life longer, high outlet pressure, can be satisfied with high-rise pouring and long-interval construction of the transport requirements, hydraulic system High speed and efficiency, hydraulic oil cooling windowsill advanced air-cooled cooling system, no need to connect water, the use of abbreviated, with anti-pump function to reduce pipe obstruction, equipped with active centralized lubrication system, to ensure that the rolling parts using life, electrical parts of the use of PLC control, with operating characteristics, electrical box equipped with wired remote control handle, easy to operate, Two times structure special pump Progress equipment reliability: The full liquid control hydraulic system eliminates the intermediate link of electronic control signal, greatly improve the operation reliability of the whole set of equipment. Reduce the cost of protection: full liquid control to the hydraulic system, delete the electronic control commutative system is extremely vulnerable to the four major components, reducing the cost of protection of equipment.

High-rise two-time structural pump application skills: 1. Operators and related equipment management personnel should carefully read the application instructions, grasp its structural principles, application and protection, as well as the relevant knowledge of pumping concrete, the use and operation of concrete pumps, should be carried out in strict accordance with the application instructions. 2. Support the high-rise two-time structure of the special pump on the ground should be flat, solid, the whole machine needs to be placed horizontally, the work process should not tilt. The leg should be able to support the whole machine stably and securely lock or secure. 3. According to the characteristics of the construction site and concrete pouring program to carry out the piping, piping design to check whether the horizontal conversion interval of the pipeline and the high-rise two-time structure of the pump interval appropriate. 4. When vertical upward piping is required, with the increase of height, that is, the increase of potential energy, there is a tendency for concrete to return, so a horizontal pipe of 1 fixed length should be laid between the high-rise two-time structure special pump and the vertical piping to ensure that the Met resistance prevents the concrete from returning.

High-rise two-time structural pump Advantages:

1, the selection of a new open hydraulic system and proprietary hydraulic cushioning skills, so that the system to shift impact is small, less heat. Together to choose the world's original heavy-duty hydraulic main pump and hydraulic valve, the main pump displacement, hydraulic valve diameter, and then ensure the safety and high reliability of the concrete pump.

2, hydraulic circuit selection of a common full three-stage high and low pressure filtration system, together with the selection of active refueling and bypass self-circulation system, in the convenience of refueling together, the new oil for fine filtration, to avoid human pollution. Then ensure the low fault and high reliability of oil pump, valve group, motor and cylinder.

3, hydraulic pipeline selection of imported high-performance seamless steel pipe, sophisticated welding process to ensure that the pipeline without leakage phenomenon, and the use of PARKER Company's common buckle skills to ensure that there is no detonation tube, no oil seepage phenomenon.