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How to install and use concrete cloth machine correctly

In today's increasing frequency of use of concrete cloth machine, the correct and safe installation and use of concrete cloth machine is of great significance. Not only can you reduce the risk of use, but also do not delay project time.

So what do concrete cloth machines need to pay attention to when installing and using? Xuesaitong lists the following points for you:

1. First of all, before installing the concrete cloth machine, we should carefully view each part and buckle of the assembled concrete cloth machine.

2. Secondly, when we use the tower crane to hoist concrete cloth, we should also take a closer look at the hoist used.

3. Then, when the concrete cloth machine is in place on the template roof, we must first select the location of the concrete cloth machine, and reinforce the four feet of the concrete cloth machine. At this point, it should be noted that reinforcement should be reinforced under the roof of the template, and the scale of reinforcement should be determined according to the scale of the concrete cloth machine.

4. Next, when the reinforcement is over, then put down the concrete cloth machine, and buckle the cable wind rope, and then lift the concrete cloth machine counterweight block, to ensure that the concrete cloth machine balance, stability.

5. In the use of concrete cloth machine for concrete pouring, the use of cloth rod cloth, cloth rod base and fixed frame with steel pipe fixed firmly, to ensure that the concrete conveyor, cloth rod stable, not rocking, not skewed.

6. In the use of concrete cloth machine irrigation concrete at the same time, but also to the concrete cloth to track and view, found that the problem should immediately stop irrigation, and immediately rectify, to confirm that there are no safety hazards before pouring concrete.

7. When the use of concrete cloth machine concrete pouring end, the concrete cloth machine base concrete should be cleaned, and so on after cleaning, and then the concrete cloth machine with tower crane Crane, and install stability, and pull a good cable wind rope.

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