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The structure of concrete pump and the principle of pumping at a glance

Concrete conveyor pump is a kind of mechanical equipment which is used very much by the construction side, which can greatly improve the efficiency of construction. In the construction process, if you want to ensure the safety of construction, in addition to adhering to the certain operating rules, the concrete pump structure of the understanding can deepen the familiarity with it, reduce operational errors.

SoConcrete Conveyor PumpWhat is the structure of the building? What about the pumping principle? Here's a brief introduction to you.

First, the pump surface structure

This machine is mainly composed of the following parts (see Figure 2.1-1)

Fig. 2.1-1

1. Discharge Port 2. Stirring mechanism 3. Hopper 4. Rack

5. Hydraulic fuel tank 6. Pumping System 7. Hood Assembly 8. Smooth System

9. Power system 10. Riot motor 11. Hydraulic system 12. Water Cooling Components

13. Electrical assembly

Second, the principle of pumping

This machine uses the motor drive, the main pumping system selects the Open oil road, the constant power control, and has the hydraulic stepless adjustment concrete conveying quantity function.

As shown in Figure 2.2-1, the pumping mechanism consists of two main cylinders (1, 2), water tank 3, commutative equipment 4, two concrete cylinders (5, 6), two concrete pistons (7, 8), Hopper 9, Distribution valve 10 (also known as S tube) swing arm 11, two swing

Cylinders (12, 13) and discharge ports 14

Fig. 2.2-1

1.2. Main cylinder 3. Water tank

4. Commutative equipment 5.6. Concrete Cylinder

7.8. Concrete Piston 9. Hopper

10. Distribution valve 11. swing Arm

12.13. Swing cylinder 14. Discharge port

Concrete piston (7, 8) respectively with the main cylinder (1, 2) piston rod connection, in the main cylinder hydraulic oil effect, for reciprocating movement, one cylinder travel, then another cylinder retreat, concrete cylinder outlet and hopper connection, the distribution valve at one end of the inlet, the other end through the spline shaft and swing arm connection, in the swing cylinder effect, you can swing left and right.

When pumping concrete material, under the main cylinder effect, the concrete piston 7 marches, the concrete piston 8 retreat, together in the swing cylinder effect, the distribution valve 10 and the concrete cylinder 5 connected, the concrete cylinder 6 is connected with the hopper.

In this way, the concrete piston 8 retreat, will be the concrete in the hopper suction concrete cylinder, concrete piston 7 travel, the concrete cylinder in the concrete material into the distribution valve pump out.

When the concrete piston 8 retreat to the stroke terminal, trigger 3 of the commutative equipment in the water tank 4, the main cylinder 1, 2 commutative, together swing cylinder 12, 13 commutative, so that the distribution valve 10 and concrete cylinder 6 connected, concrete cylinder 5 and hopper connection, then piston 7 retreat, 8 travel. This loops to complete continuous pumping.

When the reverse pump is operated, the concrete cylinder in the suction stroke is connected with the distribution valve, and the concrete cylinder in the push stroke is connected with the hopper, thus pumping the concrete in the pipeline back to the hopper (as shown in Figure 2.2-2)

Understand this knowledge, operation will be more simple and convenient, Xuzhou Xuesaitong remind you that the specification needs to operate, safety is the first.