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Analysis on structure characteristics of concrete cloth machine

In construction projects, we often see a slightly higher, like a tower crane general, and this thing is called a concrete cloth machine, so the knowledge of concrete cloth machine everyone knows? And do you know how to use it? Let's talk about it in the following small series.

  Concrete cloth Machineis pumped concrete end equipment, reasonable planning, stable and reliable structure, the selection of a full rotary arm frame cloth structure, the whole machine operation is simple, easy to rotate, with high efficiency, energy saving, economic, useful and so on.

Fixed concrete cloth machine specially for the railway beam field, nuclear power and other engineering construction planning and production of special concrete pouring cloth equipment, mobile concrete cloth machine "Z" three folding arm, the three-dimensional rotation, can pitch and expand the amplitude, in the length of the arm frame to complete the all-round space pouring, no pouring dead angle, Can easily complete the wall, pipe, column, pile and other construction work of concrete pouring.

Hydraulic cloth machine Fixed in the elevator well, equipped with active climbing organization, the use of hydraulic cylinder top rise, active climbing in the elevator well, so that the cloth machine with the rise of the floor and increase, saving time and effort, high power. Concrete cloth machine is to expand the scale of concrete pouring, improve the level of pumping construction mechanization and the development of new products, is a concrete conveyor pump supporting equipment, and concrete pump connection, expanding the scale of concrete pumping. It is useful to deal with the difficult problem of wall pouring cloth, which plays an important role in improving construction power and reducing labor intensity.

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