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Development prospect and knowledge analysis of engineering washing turbine

The proof of modern society, the change of the environment on which human beings depend for survival has aroused people's great attention, more and more people begin to pay attention to environmental protection, the management of dust pollution has become the top priority of environmental protection departments. Construction sites, coal farms, waste landfills, mines have become large dust pollution, the transport of more and more vehicles, the above places have brought the vehicle with the dust pollution management in the first position of operation.

And the engineering washing turbine as the management of transporting vehicles brought about by dust pollution important equipment has become the above places must be selected. All over the environmental protection and city management departments three orders, to red paper issued to the site, mines, coal farms and other enterprises, in the vicinity of the site at the door of the installation of engineering washing turbines, otherwise shut down the rectification, until the acceptance of qualified.

With the continuous development of society, the construction industry, mines, coal mines and waste landfills will continue to develop, these will also become an important part of China's fiscal revenue, so that the demand for washing turbines will also increase greatly, in the future for a long time to wash the turbine will have a broad market prospects.

Engineering washing machine using mechanical photoelectric two kinds of induction, active control without labor, together also equipped with manual and wireless remote control to satisfied customer demand, cleaning water recycling, a large number of water saving resources, high efficiency and water saving, this equipment can be disassembled, convenient transition.

The internal system of the all-active washing turbine includes many, water supply system, induction system, water spraying system, water storage system.

Water supply system is the pump, in the demand for water at the time, is generally to open the water pump power supply, and then take a direct flow into the reservoir, the motor has a certain inspection, if the demand to add lubricating oil or oil or something, the demand to replace these on schedule, there is the induction system, the site vehicles in the car wash table cleaning All active washing turbine through the induction system active cleaning, the first adhere to the induction system adjacent to the line whether there is aging, the induction system induction adjacent to the careful cleaning. Stick to cleanliness.

Sprinkler system is the whole system of car washing table above the nozzle, work three hundred or four hundred nozzles, we have to adhere to the full active washing turbine nozzle is relatively clean and smooth in order to play an outstanding role in cleaning, so we need to adhere to the smooth degree of these places. Water storage System is the reservoir, we often drain the water and then clean and clean after putting in the salary, in the winter demand pay special attention to the reservoir in frozen.

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