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Two-time Construction column pump basic knowledge sharing

For the useful solution of structural column pouring process presented in the top close to the low beam section is difficult to high quality pouring problem, Xuzhou Secco launched two times structural column pump, the pump machine quality is light, equipped with walking wheel, easy to move, planning common, can be placed directly on the floor site pouring, and not subject to the height of the pump constraints. Two-time structural column pouring pump to ensure the smoothness and perception of structural columns, suitable for ultra-high-rise fine stone concrete transport, building floor collective structural columns, so useful to improve production efficiency, saving labor costs.

  Two-time Tectonic column pumpFeatures of the function of the equipment:

1, pumping system is 10 times times the manual construction.

2, easy to move, can be placed directly on the floor site pouring.

3, useful progress in production efficiency, reduce the cost of labor savings.

4, can pour more than 200 per day.

5, for ultra-high-rise fine stone concrete transport, the construction of floor group Structure column cast.

This structure column pouring special pump has three series, respectively, miniature concrete pump, miniature mortar pump, miniature fine stone concrete pump two times Structural column pump can assist enterprises to save a lot of labor. The use of floor dedicated two-time structural column pump is not only to protect the interests of scaffolding root,

And in line with the requirements of the present, favorable protection and repair of the pouring of two structural column quality problems, is the floor pouring gong two times Structural column application industry of the necessary machinery. The two-time structural column pump can not only transport cement mortar but also transport cement concrete with stone.

The machine from the material, ingredients, add water, quantitative mixing, mixing, high-pressure transport as a whole, the slurry uniform, good stability, mortar, stone and cement ratio can be arbitrarily adjusted easily. Fine stone Concrete Mortar pump main characteristics: the choice of S pipe valve commutative, good sealing, long life;

S Tube valve is equipped with floating wear-resistant ring, active compensation wear, high outlet pressure, can pump fine stone concrete, hydraulic system selection of air-cooled heat dissipation, easy to use, no need to connect water, with anti-pump function, a large extent to reduce pipeline obstruction, equipped with active lubrication system, useful extension of the use of rolling parts life;

The electrical part chooses PLC control, has the very good handling characteristic; the electrical box is equipped with the wired remote control handle, is easy to operate, the material height is low, easy to be equipped into the joint Unit, has the guide wheel, the movement, the positioning is sensitive and convenient, the whole detachable screen, easy to replace.

two-time structural column hydraulic pump selection of double-pump double-loop hydraulic system, small impact, high reliability, with anti-pump function, conducive to timely removal of pipe plugging problems, and can be a short period of downtime to be expected, the selection of advanced S tube distribution valve, can actively compensate wear voids, good sealing function, wear-resistant gold spectacle plate and cut ring

The use of long life, long stroke cylinder, extend the service life of the cylinder and piston, optimize the planning of the hopper, better suction function, higher efficiency, active gathering lubrication system, to ensure that the machine operation to get useful lubrication, product humanization planning, so that the operation is more convenient, protection is more simple.

Two times Structural column pump is widely used in ground heating, heat insulation light foaming cement, mortar, small orthopaedic concrete transport, refractory, insulation material delivery, all kinds of engineering construction of concrete scale transport. Should be equipped with cleaning pipe, cleaning supplies, catch instrument and related devices.

Before opening the pump, unrelated personnel should leave around the pipe. Small two-time structural column pump after the start, should be run empty, investigate the indication of each appearance, check the operation of the pump and mixing device, confirm normal, can be operated. Before pumping, the hopper should be taken to the cement mortar lubrication pump and pipe.

In pumping operation, the concrete plane in the hopper should be kept above the axis of the mixing shaft. Hopper Grid network must not be filled with concrete, should control the feed flow, timely elimination of ultra-particle size aggregate and foreign bodies, do not move the grid at will.

Hydraulic two structural column special advantages, is that it has a strong abrasion resistance, its primary material is originally made of ultra-high molecular weight thinning of the primary components and, this material can have a super grinding function,

Its anti-wear function, and even can be said to be many times higher than many other materials. Robust impact resistance is another major benefit of this material, and such benefits can make the pump can be applied in a different environment of the use, to promote the development of industry has a great interest.