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Development of two-time structural pumps

With the rapid development of urban construction more and more, especially the modern residential area, engineering construction will choose concrete fine stone transport equipment, because of the fine words of construction projects, the corresponding conveyor pump product quality and scientific and technological developments and continuous progress. But in the national economic construction and development at the same time, but also brought some drawbacks, that is, the low-cost imitation products have become more, many small enterprises in order to reduce costs, will choose the poor quality of imitation flat, so that will form low-end products, general-purpose products repeated construction, repeated production.

Coupled with the implementation of construction land is the total amount, and photovoltaic projects with a large volume of land, product demand, many projects want to buy good quality, but the project money will eventually not be approved. This results in a lot of projects choosing low prices, which creates a nausea cycle.

But the choice of a good performance, high, price is cheap machine is not a simple matter, especially the two structure of the frame building pouring this piece, there are many people are its difficult to pour, low artificial power, large amount of work, high cost, and feel headache. So is there a machine that specializes in pouring two of times structures? The answer is: yes-Two-time structural pumpsThat's the kind of machine.

For a while, there was a two-time video of the use of structural pumps on the internet, and for a time two times the special pump for the video pouring of structural pumps became a special machine for indoor construction. This has also promoted the development of construction machinery production enterprises. Now the production enterprises are also more and more formal, service, can provide users with more and better service.

And my company's small construction machinery and equipment fine stone pump concrete pump Mortar concrete-structural column pouring special equipment. The pump machine is light, equipped with walking wheel, convenient, unique design, can be placed directly on the floor site pouring, and not affected by pumping height. It is difficult to effectively deal with the problem of high pouring near the bottom beam section presented in the structure column pouring to ensure the smoothness and perception of the structure column. Suitable for ultra-high-rise fine stone concrete transport, building floor Group Structure column cast, high pumping power, pumping is 10 times times artificial construction, so effective production power, saving labor costs.