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Motor concrete pump operation need to know here.

Urbanization of the high-speed opening so that the city's construction projects more and more, motor concrete pump has been more and more construction on the use of, Xuzhou Cylon Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., located in China's largest machinery production base-Xuzhou, is a collection of scientific research, production, sales in one of the modern machinery production enterprises. The company has an experienced high-quality research and development team, is the early entry into the field of delivery pump products production enterprises. Company's existing products: towing concrete pump, car type concrete pump, fine stone concrete pump, coal mud delivery system and other special concrete pump delivery system.

WithMotor Concrete Conveyor PumpIn the construction project popularization, the correct use of the product has been more and more valued by us, the following, the small part of its safe operation to do the following instructions:

1, motor concrete pump should be placed on a flat, solid ground, around must not have obstacles, in the down leg and adjust should make the fuselage to maintain the level and stability, tire wedge tight.

2, motor concrete conveyor pump pumping pipeline laying should be in line with the following requirements;

A, horizontal concrete conveyor pump pumping pipeline should be straight line laying;

b, straight concrete pump pump pipe should not be directly installed on the pump output port, should be in the front end of the straight pipe to install a length of not less than 20m horizontal tube, and in the horizontal pipe near the installation of the reverse valve;

C, when laying the downward tilt of the pipe, should be installed on the output port a section of horizontal tube, its length should not be less than 5 times times the difference of the tilt tube bump. When the inclination is large, the exhaust valve should be installed at the upper end of the slope;

D, motor concrete pump pumping pipeline should be supported fixed, between the pipe and fixtures should be set up wood pad for cushioning, not directly connected with steel bars or templates, pipes and pipes should be connected securely; pipe joints and clamps should be fastened sealed, not leaking oars; the worn pipe should not be installed in the back-end high pressure zone;

E, after the electric motor concrete pump pumping pipeline laying, the pressure resistance test should be carried out.

3, gravel particle size, cement marking and mix ratio should be in accordance with the factory regulations, to meet the pump pump requirements.

4, before the operation should check and recognize the pump parts of the bolt fastening, protection equipment is complete and reliable, all parts of the control switch, adjustment handle, handwheel, joystick, Plug and so on are in the correct position, hydraulic system normal no leakage, hydraulic oil fit regulations, mixing bucket without debris, above the protection grid intact and tightly covered.

5, the pipe wall thickness of the transport pipe should be matched with the motor concrete pump pumping pressure, near the pump should be selected high-quality pipe. Pipe fittings, seals and elbows are intact. Hot hot sun should choose wet sacks or wet grass bags to cover the pipeline, and should be timely sprinkler cooling, strict cold season should adopt insulation measures.

6, should be equipped with cleaning pipe, cleaning supplies, receivers and related equipment. Before opening the pump, the unrelated employee should leave the pipeline for four weeks.

7, after the start, should be empty in the work, investigate the indicator values of each appearance, check the work of the pump and mixing equipment, admit that everything is normal, can be operated. Before pumping, 10L water and 0.3 cubic meters of cement mortar smooth pump and pipe should be added to the hopper.

8, when pumping operation, the concrete plane in the hopper should be kept on the axis of the mixing shaft. Hopper Grid network must not be filled with concrete, should control the feed flow, timely elimination of ultra-particle size aggregate and foreign bodies, do not move the grid at will.

9, when the concrete in the inlet hopper has segregation phenomenon should stop the pump, to mix evenly before pumping. When the aggregate separation is grim, the hopper inside the gray paddle is significantly lacking, should remove some of the aggregate, plus mortar mixing from the beginning.

10, pumping concrete should be back-to-back operation, when due to supply interruption forced suspension, downtime must not exceed 30min. Pause time should be every 5~10min (winter 3~5min) for 2~3 stroke reverse Pump ~ Positive pump movement, re-feeding pump should be the material mixing first. When the pump stops at a time of exceeding the limit, the pipe should be emptied.

11, straight up the pump after the interruption of the pump, should be the reverse push, so that the distribution valve in the concrete suction back hopper, after mixing and then forward pumping.

12, Motor concrete pump pump machine work, it is forbidden to put the hand or spade into the hopper or hand grip distribution valve. When working on a hopper or distribution valve, the motor should be closed first and the accumulator pressure eliminated.

13, do not arbitrarily adjust the pressure of the hydraulic system. When the oil temperature exceeds 70 ℃, the pumping should be aborted, but the mixing blades and fans should still be allowed to work, to cool down before continuing to work.

14, water tank should be stored full of water, when the water quality is cloudy and there are more sand grains, should be checked and treated in a timely manner.

15. When pumping, do not open any shipping pipes and hydraulic pipes; do not adjust or repair the parts that are working.

16, the operation, should be the motor concrete pump pumping equipment and piping investigation, found that hidden dangers should be dealt with in a timely manner, wear beyond the provisions of the pipe, clamp, sealing ring and other timely replacement.

17, should avoid pipe obstruction. Pumped concrete should be mixed evenly, control the slump, in the pumping process, do not stop the pump halfway.

18, when there is a blockage of the transport pipeline, should carry out anti-pump work, so that the concrete back hopper, when the reverse pump several times still can not eliminate the blockage, should be in the case of pump unloading, removal and removal of blocking.

19, after the operation, the hopper and the pipe inside the full output, and then the pump, hopper, pipe and so on to rinse. When flushing the pipe with compressed air, the inlet valve should not be opened immediately large, only when the concrete discharge smoothly, the inlet valve can be opened to a large. Stop the station in front of 10m at the outlet of the pipeline and use metal basket to collect washed balls and gravel materials. For solidified concrete, the scraper should be used to eliminate it.

20, after the operation, the piston on both sides should be transferred to the cleaning room position, and coated with smooth oil. All parts of the control switch, adjustment handle, handwheel, joystick, Plug and so on should be reset, hydraulic system should be unloaded.