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Relevant expertise of "rising knowledge" washing turbines

The rapid development of urban construction has promoted the prosperity of the economy and also led to some "urban diseases". A series of problems, such as traffic congestion, serious pollution, waste construction site dust pollution and noise pollution. In view of the pollution of urban construction land, in cities around the world to handle, strengthen supervision and processing, the introduction of advanced processing technology and equipment, from the source control. Now appear on the market,Washing turbinesis different, and this equipment title is not the same, such as: Engineering washing machine, car engineering wash tank, transport vehicle cleaning machines, vehicle cleaning equipment, on-site washing turbines, here we collectively referred to as engineering washing turbines.

Some enterprises feel that the price of engineering car washing machine is more expensive, than the use of labor to carry out the cost of cleaning demand is higher, so has been the choice of manual cleaning method. Site washing turbines in the beginning, despite the high level of capital invested, but the cleaning effect is very obvious, and the power is better, eliminating a lot of expenses. The following small series on the detailed and we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of engineering car washing machine and manual cleaning. First of all, to say that the cost of engineering car washing machine, the general manufacturers of engineering car washing machine prices are around 10,000. Then, let's take a look at the cost of manual cleaning, since it is artificial, then the cost of demand is the worker's monthly salary, the average down to one months to 3000 yuan. Calculate it this way, 12 months a year, that's 36,000 dollars.

Manual cleaning needs at least 2 people, that is 7.2w yuan. and engineering car washer only need to find a person where can be, so that a year of labor costs to save 36,000. enough to buy a few engineering car washers. One of the things that needs to be considered here is how long the engineering car wash function is, that is, its service life. According to the signs on the instructions for the use of the engineering washing turbine, as well as the inquiries to the technical staff, we know that its service life is 3-5 years.

To sum up, which kind of cost-effective we are clear, engineering car washing machine than manual washing has a higher cost-effective, is worth putting in. And it also has the advantage of segmented flushing to save water, has the advantage of rapid dehydration and so on.

At the same time, to "refuse dust on the environment two pollution" as the theme of the Times today, the site washing machine of the different use has gradually replaced the traditional manual vehicle cleaning methods, become to protect the living environment, prevent dust pollution, civilized township construction, protect the appearance of the city in the work of the indispensable important link, In order to promote the government departments and the community to the site car washing machine demand with the recursion. This is the inevitable need of social development, but also the site of the construction of turbine equipment in the future direction.