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Let you know all aspects of fine stone concrete pump

In recent years, China's urbanization process has accelerated, the construction industry has maintained rapid development, and the industry scale and operation scope of structural column transport pumps have been expanding. Fine stone concrete pump plays an increasingly important role in China's construction. . Fine stone concrete pump can transport cement mortar and cement concrete with stone material, feeding, compounding, adding water, quantitative mixing, mixing, high pressure transportation, uniform slurry, good stability, mortar, stone and cement The share can be easily adjusted freely. The successful development of the fine stone concrete pump has brought earth-shaking changes to the construction industry, saving labor costs, improving the overall construction efficiency, and bringing many benefits to the construction team.

Fine stone concrete pump use

“The use of fine stone concrete pump is very extensive, for example, urban construction project secondary pouring construction, high-rise construction of mortar and fine stone concrete transportation, secondary structure column filling, grouting, railway tunnel, urban subway, highway, reservoir Various pressure grouting, anchor grouting, and backfill grouting works in hydropower stations, ports, wharfs, underground caverns, etc. It can also be used for grouting of anchor piles during slope and soft rock reinforcement. In the construction industry, the application of fine stone concrete pumps in the construction of high-rise walls and the use of fine stone concrete or mortar on the ground is also increasing.

The fine stone concrete pump is useful for the treatment of structural columns. The top sill near the bottom beam section is difficult to be poured with high quality, ensuring the flatness and the perceived quality of the structural column. The pump is light in weight and equipped with a walking wheel for easy movement. It is uniquely planned and can be placed directly on the floor for casting, and is not subject to the pumping height.

In the construction of mantle backfill, the construction of fine stone concrete pump can greatly increase the working efficiency, reduce the labor intensity, and more importantly, it is not easy to damage the mantle pipe or heating cable during the construction process, and choose the construction elevator or tower crane. Compared with the traditional method, there is no superiority.

Fine stone concrete pump operation principle

The operation principle of the fine stone concrete pump is not too complicated. It is probably a process: when the hydraulic system pressure oil enters a main cylinder, the piston rod extends, and the pressure oil of the connecting pipe through the sealing circuit retracts the other piston rod. When the concrete conveying piston connected to the piston rod of the main cylinder is retracted, a self-priming effect is generated in the conveying cylinder, and the concrete in the hopper is sucked into the conveying cylinder through the suction inlet of the sliding valve under the effect of atmospheric pressure and the boosting effect of the mixing blade. At the same time, under the effect of the oil pressure, the other main cylinder pushes the piston rod of the main cylinder to extend and simultaneously pushes the concrete piston out of the concrete in the conveying cylinder, and enters the concrete conveying pipe through the Y-shaped pipe of the sliding valve conveying port. After the action is completed, the system actively reverses the pressure oil into the other main cylinder, and ends the suction and delivery stroke of another different delivery cylinder. Repeatedly, the concrete in the hopper is continuously sucked and pressed out of the transport cylinder, and the pipe connected to the Y-shaped pipe and the outlet reaches the working point, and the pumping operation is completed.

Fine stone concrete pump features

1. The operating power of the pump is very small, 11kw-22kw, only need to be equipped with a small generator in the case of no power supply. It is a small-sized motor concrete pump in China and is the choice of many narrow construction environments.

2. The pump is light in weight and easy to move.

3. The pump is equipped with high equipment, full hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate and long service life.

4. With the active air pressure technology of the piston structure, the working pressure is large, the pumping distance is long, and the pumping height is high.

5. Advanced hopper and s valve planning is conducive to pumping. The S pipe valve is used for commutation, the sealing performance is good, and the service life is long; the S pipe valve is equipped with a floating wear ring to actively compensate for wear; the outlet pressure is high;

6. The domestic advanced hydraulic system is adopted, the structure is simple, the failure rate is low, and the open hydraulic system is used, the oil temperature is low, the internal leakage is small, and the operation is more stable.

7. The hydraulic system adopts air-cooling heat dissipation, which is easy to use and does not need to be connected to the water source; the high-power air-cooled radiator ensures the normal operation of the main engine and greatly reduces the pipeline blockage;

8. With active smooth system, it is useful to extend the service life of rotating parts; full active smooth system to ensure more reliable operation of equipment.

9. The electrical part is controlled by PLC and has good control characteristics. The electronic control system uses domestic technology. The electrical originals are selected from France Schneider, Japan Omron and other company products. The panel buttons are simpler and easier, even for people without culture.

10. The electrical box is equipped with a wired remote control handle for easy operation;

11. The feeding height is low and it is easy to be equipped into a combined unit;

12. Equipped with guide wheels, it is convenient to move and position;

13. All removable screens are easy to replace.

14. The use of high wear-resistant blade mixing and forced feeding improves the inhalation of concrete. The pendulum cylinder is powerful, super high temperature resistant, and can satisfy customers' construction in the hot summer.

15. Equipped with domestic advanced wireless devices, users can easily operate the device remotely.

The pumping height of the fine stone concrete pump is critical. Why do you say this? In order to ensure that the motor concrete pump has a large amount of transportation, and it has a certain export pressure and economical power matched with it, in the planning of the motor concrete pump, most of them use a constant power column. Plug pump; that is, after the constant power value is selected, when the outlet pressure increases, the output displacement of the oil pump will actively drop to reach the value corresponding to the power planning; if it is necessary to reach the high outlet pressure and want to obtain a large amount of transportation . The only way is to add motor power.

The motor power of a motor concrete pump is a prerequisite for determining the outlet pressure and the amount of delivery. In the case of a certain motor power, the increase in pressure will inevitably reduce the amount of delivery; on the contrary, lowering the outlet pressure will cause the delivery. Quantity added. In order to ensure that the motor concrete pump has a large amount of transportation, and has a certain outlet pressure and economical power matched with it, in the planning of the motor concrete pump, most of them use a constant power piston pump; After the power value is selected, when the outlet pressure rises, the output displacement of the oil pump will actively drop to reach the value corresponding to the power plan.

Therefore, in our new standard, the concept of the talent index of the motor concrete pump (measured in MPa·m3/h) is quoted; that is, the product of the actual outlet pressure of the motor concrete pump and the hourly practiced load. The larger the index, the larger the index, and the greater the power of the motor, thus achieving the goal of large displacement and high lift.

Saitong reminds you that the price of the pump is not equal and the quality is varied. It is especially important to choose more and choose more when purchasing.