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Concrete pumps for coal mines
Concrete pumps for coal mines
Concrete pumps for coal mines

Coal Mine Concrete Pump: HBMG30/9-45S explosion-proof concrete pump

Coal mine concrete pump for explosion-proof, full-hydraulic coal mine concrete pump, the choice of Motor drive, is a suitable for coal mine under the high pressure, far-spaced material transport explosive-type pump, suitable for pumping concrete, mortar, paste material and so on. Coal mine concrete pump is widely used as coal mine underground filling, grouting, spraying, along the empty lane, wall filling, hanging water silo, laying bottom plate, mining drainage, rapid closure and other multi-purpose standard equipment.

1, Planning concept: Cylon Heavy industry for coal mine safety and robustness requirements of high, low failure rate of the characteristics of planning.

A, pumping pressure is high, processing the requirements of far interval pumping.

b, pumping displacement is large, at the same time pumping displacement can be achieved in 0-30 square stepless adjustment.

C, the aggregate requirements are low, the adaptation scale is wide, the larger aggregate can reach 40mm.

D, active smooth: the use of hydraulic synchronous control of the active fat smooth technology, to ensure that the concrete piston, stirring and S valve smooth and good.

E, with anti-pump function: When the attack time is short pipe plugging phenomenon, can be used as a way to eliminate plugging pipe.

2, the application of a wide range: HBMG30/9-45S is an explosion-proof multi-purpose pump for coal mines, can be used for a variety of mining concrete filling. The whole machine is specially planned according to the working conditions of coal mine underground, and the whole machine planning structure is reasonable, the operation is convenient and simple, and the pumping working device and power unit are divided into the planning. Small size, light weight, convenient and safe delivery.

3, Power system: The selection of domestic well-known brands with good function of high explosion-proof grade of motor, made with, safety, maintenance and maintenance facilities.

4, hydraulic system: The main oil pump, hydraulic valve Group function Stability, reliable work, full hydraulic commutative open hydraulic system, high robustness, small commutative impact, low oil temperature, hydraulic system oil self-cleaning ability. Large displacement, with high pressure and small displacement, low pressure and large displacement of two kinds of concrete pumping methods, users can be based on the project to the concrete transport interval and displacement requirements of a reasonable choice. Large displacement main oil pump with constant power variable can give full play to the main power power when it is in constant power condition.

5, electrical system: The use of mine explosion-type control buttons, mining explosion-type emergency stop button and mine explosion-blown vacuum feeder switch, the safety of the whole machine and security has been improved.

6, pumping system: Hopper All selected high-strength steel welded, strong strength, double-layer arc structure, completely remove the dead angle position, no accumulation, concrete, mortar, paste material fluidity and inhalation greatly improved, improve the suction.

Technical parameters

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