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Coal Mine Concrete Pump manufacturers
Coal Mine Concrete Pump manufacturers
Coal Mine Concrete Pump manufacturers

Coal Mine Concrete Pump: HBMG40/16-90S Product use

Coal mine concrete pump for explosion-proof, full-hydraulic coal mine concrete pump, the choice of Motor drive, is a suitable for coal mine under the high pressure, long-distance material transport explosive-type pump, suitable for pumping concrete, mortar, paste material and so on. As a coal mine downhole filling, grouting, spraying, along the empty lane, wall filling, water silo, laying bottom plate, mining drainage, rapid closure and other multi-purpose standard equipment.

Product Features

The whole machine in addition to an explosion-proof motor, the rest of the selection of hydraulic control active control system, no other electrical control parts

High pumping pressure, processing of long-distance pumping requirements

Pumping displacement is large, one pumping displacement can be achieved in 0-40 square stepless adjustment

Low aggregate requirements, wide customary scale, large aggregate up to 30mm

Anti-pump function: When the attack time is short plugging phenomenon, can be used as a way to remove the plugging pipe

Skill Features

Hydraulic system: Stable performance, solid operation, control method selection of full hydraulic control, simple operation, smooth running, small commutative impact, low oil temperature, with a sound hydraulic control protection system, safe and secure operation. Hydraulic system oil Self-cleaning ability is strong. Constant power variable main oil pump, in the constant power condition can give full play to the main power efficiency.

Powerful power system: the use of coal mine underground explosion-proof motor, low noise, high efficiency, large power, good start-up, easy maintenance and maintenance. The explosion-proof category is Exdⅰ.

High-efficiency pumping system: Hopper new Planning, the overall selection of high-strength steel welded, strong strength, double-layer arc structure, completely remove the dead angle position, no accumulation, concrete, mortar, paste material fluidity and inhalation greatly improved, improve the suction performance.

Wear-resistant skills: consumables selection of high-tech materials and advanced technology, product performance greatly improved.

Smooth skills: The use of hydraulic synchronization of the active smooth skills, active concentration of oil supply system, oil supply full, smooth effect is good.

Technical parameters

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