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Teach you how to maintain your washing turbines on a daily basis


Cylon washing machine (car washer, Car wash channel) in strict accordance with the relevant parts of the government issued by the policy provisions of planning and research and development, in full compliance with the city management supervision norms; In the construction use process, not only for the construction side to save a lot of useful manpower, but also greatly improve the progress of the construction work, useful to save the time of To "reject the two pollution of dust to the environment" as the theme of the Times today,Washing turbinesThe innovative use has gradually replaced the traditional manual vehicle cleaning method, has become an indispensable link in maintaining the living environment, preventing and controlling dust pollution, building civilized towns and maintaining the appearance of the city, so as to promote the demand of the Zhongshan government and the community for the site washing turbines (car washing machines, car washing channels) with the increase.

This is the inevitable demand for social development, but also the site washing machine (car washer, Car wash channel) equipment future development direction.

The daily maintenance of engineering washing turbines has the following points:

Wash the reservoir of the turbine clean dry water discharge after the end do not worry about adding new water, we need to wash the turbine reservoir in the filter check, check whether it is clean, is not a hole, is not the need to reinstall and so on.

If the central washing turbine cleaning slag car when the construction of waste too much, the work pressure of the filter is very high, very easy to be blocked, so this should also be checked.

Division I computer software control, can automatically end the scour, mud discharge operations, scour water can be recycled, back-to-back operation, only need to replenish a small number of water, so can save a lot of water resources. Especially suitable for all kinds of construction sites, mining workshops, cement products factories, coal mines, power plants, waste landfill plants, communities and other places of access to vehicle cleaning. Then arrive at the excellent project without dust pollution. Washing turbine installation is convenient transportation, can be applied to a variety of site frequent transition needs, welcome the majority of users to buy.

Xuzhou Cylon Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. reminds you that the correct and safe use of washing machine is very important.

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