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Tips for the use of diesel engine concrete pumps

With the acceleration of urbanization, diesel engine concrete pump These heavy machinery of the city is also more and more urban use, the resulting use of diesel engine concrete pump skills have been more and more attention.

Here's a few things to tell youDiesel Engine Concrete PumpTips for using:

(1) Operators and relevant equipment management personnel should carefully read the application instructions, grasp its structural principles, application and protection, as well as the relevant knowledge of pumping concrete, the use and operation of concrete pumps, should be strictly in accordance with the application instructions. Because the operator can fully grasp the mechanical performance requirements of a process, so the use of instructions should be randomly spare. At the same time, according to the application instructions to develop a special operation key, to reach a useful control of the pumping technology in some variable elements, such as pump orientation, pipeline placement and so on.

(2) The ground supporting the concrete pump should be flat and solid, the whole machine needs to be placed horizontally, and the operation process should not be tilted. The leg should be able to support the whole machine stably and securely lock or secure. Pump orientation should not only facilitate the concrete mixing transport vehicle inbound and outbound and feed to the hopper, but also consider the benefits of pumping pipe and reduce the loss of pumping pressure, at the same time require close to the pouring location, power supply, water supply convenience.

(3) According to the characteristics of the construction site and concrete pouring program to carry out piping, piping design to check whether the horizontal conversion distance of the pipeline is compatible with the pumping distance of the concrete pump. Piping should be as short as possible to shorten the length of the pipeline, less use of bending pipe and hose. The laying of conveyor pipe should be convenient for pipe cleaning, fault cleaning and disassembly and maintenance. When the new pipe and the old pipe are mixed, the new pipe should be placed in the pump pressure greater place. Piping process should be made to make a pipe diagram, listing the various pipe fittings, pipe cards, bends and hoses, such as the standard and quantity, and supply the list.

(4) When the need for straight upward piping, with the addition of height that is, the addition of potential energy, concrete has the trend of reflux, so should be between the concrete pump and the straight pipe to lay a certain length of horizontal pipe, in order to ensure that there is enough obstruction of resistance concrete reflux. When pumping high-rise building concrete needs to be straight upward piping, at the moment the length of the horizontal tube on the ground should not be less than 1/4 of the length of the straight tube. If the water mains of the above required length cannot be placed due to the limitation of the place, a bend pipe or hose may be used instead.

(5) In the concrete pumping process, with the increase of pumping pressure, pumping impact will force the tube to move back and forth, which not only loses the pumping pressure, but also is the connection between the pump pipe in the impact and continuous pull condition, can lead to premature damage to the pipe card and rubber ring, cement slurry overflow, so it is necessary to fix the pump.

(6) After the concrete pump is connected with the conveyor pipe, it shall carry out a comprehensive inspection according to the rules of the concrete pump application manual, and meet the requirements before it can be turned on for empty operation. After running 10min with no load, check to see if each organization or system is working properly. (7) in the hot season construction, it is advisable to use wet grass bags, wet cover cloth and other things to cover the concrete conveyor pipe to avoid direct sunlight, can avoid the concrete due to the collapse of the loss of too fast and the formation of plugging pipe.

(8) In the cold area of winter to carry out concrete pumping construction, should take appropriate insulation measures, it is advisable to use insulation materials wrapped concrete conveyor pipe, to avoid the concrete in the tube frozen.