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What are the advantages of the two-time tectonic column conveyor pump?


With the rapid development of the economy, more and more township construction, especially the modern residential area, engineering construction will choose concrete fine stone conveyor equipment, but how to choose a good function, high quality, price is cheap machine is not a simple matter, especially the structure of the building two times to pour this piece, there are many people are its difficult to pour, The labor efficiency is low, the operation volume is big, the cost is high, and the headache is.

So is there a machine that specializes in pouring two of times structures? The answer is: yes. Two-time structural column pouring special pump. For a time two times the special pump of structural column pouring became the first choice of indoor construction. This has also promoted the construction of machinery production enterprises to carry out. Now the production enterprises are also more and more formal, more comprehensive service, can provide users with more and better service.

Small construction machinery and equipment fine stone pump concrete pump Mortar concrete-structural column pouring special equipment.

The pump machine is light in quality, equipped with walking wheel, convenient to move, unique design, can be placed directly on the floor site pouring, and not subject to pumping height constraints. It is useful to solve the problem of difficult high quality pouring in the top near bottom beam section presented during the pouring process of structural columns, so as to ensure the smoothness and perception quality of the structural columns.

Suitable for ultra-high-rise fine stone concrete transportation, the construction of floor group Structure column cast, high pumping efficiency, pumping system is 10 times times manual construction, so useful to improve the production efficiency, saving labor costs.

  Two-time tectonic column conveyor pumpTop Advantages:

(1) The use of the pump power is very small, only 5.5kw, in the absence of power supply only need to be equipped with a small generator can operate.

(2) is a small concrete conveyor pump in China, is the first choice of many narrow construction environment.

(3) Pump machine light weight, easy to move.

(4) Pump machine configuration is high, full hydraulic operation, stable function, compact structure, low failure rate, long life.

(5) Pump machine Affordable, there are miniature mortar pump, miniature fine stone concrete pump, miniature concrete pump Three kinds of configuration for customers to choose.

(6) The use of piston structure automatic air pressure skills, large operating pressure, pumping distance, pumping height is high.

(7) The principle is abbreviated, hydraulic control good operation to do.

(8) Small size, indoor use of convenience.

(9) Save time and improve efficiency.

(10) can save money and shorten the construction period.