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How to add lubricating oil to fine stone concrete conveying pump

Fine stone concrete pump timely and correct increase of smooth oil is a very important part of daily use. It can be useful to reduce the damage caused to the equipment due to daily work, at the same time can be a great chance to reduce the problem of sudden, useful to extend the service life of fine stone concrete equipment.

SoFine Stone Concrete Conveyor PumpHow should the smooth oil be properly increased? The following small series for you to enumerate several aspects:

1. In the daily operation of fine stone concrete pump, we should pay attention to the smooth condition of each part of the equipment at any time, once the location of oil shortage is found, it is necessary to stop refueling immediately, so as not to attack the accident.

2. In any time period to ensure that the fine stone concrete pump smooth pump has enough and clean smooth fat, in the smooth pipeline at the various interfaces are not allowed to present the phenomenon of spillage.

3. Take a closer look at the usefulness of a centralized smooth system during a daily period of time.

4. In the course of viewing, if a smooth point is found that is not covered by the smooth system, the requirements are increased manually.

Xuzhou Cylon Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. fine stone concrete pump, in view of the characteristics of ground heating construction equipment, planning and production of small s tube valve mortar pump-----Fine stone concrete pump, successfully handled the ground heating construction in the transport of fine stone concrete problem.

Characteristics of fine stone concrete pump

• Choose S Tube Valve to shift, can meet the transport of fine stone concrete;

s pipe valve is equipped with floating wear-resistant ring, active compensation wear, good sealing;

• Spectacle plate and cutting ring selection of high hardness wear-resistant alloy material, long life;

• High export pressure to meet the delivery requirements for high-rise construction and long-range construction;

• Hydraulic system selection of dual-loop form system, fast commutative speed, high efficiency;

• Hydraulic oil cooling selection of air-cooled heat dissipation system, no need to connect water, easy to use;

• Anti-pump function to reduce pipe blockage;

• Equipped with active gathering lubrication system to ensure the service life of rolling parts;

• Electrical part of the use of PLC control, with excellent handling characteristics;

• The electrical box is equipped with a wired remote control handle for easy operation.