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Which problems will cause two of structural pumps to be pumped out of the pulp

Two times the structure pump to complete the long-distance high-rise building fine stone concrete, mortar and other transport. The distribution valve selects the advanced S pipe valve, the sealing is good, the structure is simple and reliable. Eye plate and floating cut ring selection of cemented carbide, good wear resistance, long life, easy replacement, cutting ring selection can actively compensate the voids structure. Manipulation of electric power-liquid control, with perfect electro-hydraulic overload maintenance and instrument display, with anti-pump operation function, simple cleaning plugging fault, pumping speed can be adjusted, can be a variety of operating conditions. Assembled by the program active control start and stop and operation time, useful rolling parts of the service life. and button switches and other electrical components, protection level can reach IP65, the choice of PLC control, reliable operation, simple control line, electrical box equipped with switches, easy to operate. The main seals are selected with high-quality seals to eliminate the leakage of hydraulic tables. Feed height bottom, easy to be equipped with joint units. Equipped with lifting guide wheel, positioning sensitive and convenient.

  Two-time structural pumpsIn the regular part of the wall of the multi-storey masonry house, the concrete column, which is usually called the concrete structure column, is referred to as the structural column, according to the structural reinforcement, and according to the construction sequence of the irrigated concrete after the first masonry.

Two-time structural column special Pump use method: 1, to see the appearance of the machine, whether due to long-distance transport to form machine damage, especially in the electric box electrical appliances, wire has no shedding. 2, switch on the power supply, equipment shell to do grounding maintenance, start the motor, to see if it can work properly. 3, put to the hopper, according to the construction height and point of view inserted 1 meters or 0.5 meters of stranded cage, the upper and lower Blade junction point of view to be aligned according to the Spiral point. Then install the gray port and lock the buckle. 4, the cage in the pipe. (The cage from the top height is higher than the height of the column or beam to be poured) pushed to the construction point, the gray mouth hose into the column into the gray hole. 5, the beginning of use should be used in dilute ash moist pipe, the pipe in the residual ash export. Then the hopper, gray pipe and other cleaning clean.

Cleaning of hopper and transportation piping system: Generally after the concrete pump is delivered, the hopper and the transportation pipeline system should be carefully cleaned. If the residual concrete in the concrete cylinder is unclean, it will appear on the wall of the cylinder curing results, when the piston is running again, the piston sealing surface will directly bear the impact of the solidified concrete on the cylinder wall, and eventually lead to local shedding. If this damage is different from the normal wear and tear of the piston seal, then the sealing surface can not be self-compensated under the action of pressure.