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Motor concrete pump operation when inspection and maintenance of attention points

With the wide use of motor concrete pump, the protection of machinery has gradually become the focus of knowledge, the following small series will give you some enumeration.

  Motor Concrete Conveyor PumpViewing protection in delivery jobs

(1) View protection of electrical equipment

1) To view the current and temperature rise of the motor, should be in the regular scale;

2) The appearance, indicator light, each operation piece work is good;

3) operate in order of rules to avoid starting with load;

4) adhere to the cleaning and drying of electrical equipment;

5) protect the cable and remote control line from damage.

(2) View protection of hydraulic system:

1) to view the fuel tank oil level, oil, temperature, should meet the requirements;

2) Oil pump, oil motor pressure, flow, noise, temperature rise should be in the normal scale;

3) All valve parts, accumulators, pressure gauges and so on should be good operation;

4) Hydraulic pipe connection is firm, no leakage.

(3) Water Tank view Protection

1) Water tanks should be replenished in a timely manner, water in the tank is too fast, should check the cause of water and treatment;

2) Water quality adhere to cleanliness. If it has been dirty or oil slick, that is, should be changed water, water pollution is severe should be cleaned water tank, generally every work 5~8 a class cleaning once. If water pollution is too fast, the cause should be viewed and treated;

3) Cold season should take the insulation method, or participate in 20I antifreeze, in order to avoid freezing water tank.

(4) Hopper View Protection

1) at any time to eliminate the mesh of the super-diameter aggregate or other debris, not to arbitrarily remove the mesh.

2) Wash off the cement slurry overflowing to the outside of the hopper in time;

3) Avoid steel bars and other foreign bodies into the hopper, stirring shaft is stuck when not moving to check the reasons in time, remove obstacles;

4) Smooth mixing bearings in time;

(5) S Tube View Protection

1) Timely use of water to wash away the concrete spilled to the outside of the valve box;

2) adhere to the valve window closed, if there is leakage, slurry, leakage phenomenon, to immediately see the treatment, Valve window open, it is necessary to clean the sealing surface and sealing ring parts clean and then Guan;

3) Ensure smooth, large and small end housings with smooth points of the distribution valve.

(6) Shipping Pipeline View Protection

1) pipe joints should be firm, closed, if there is leakage grouting situation, to timely disassembly and view processing;

2) Check the pipe support and fixed situation, timely protection.

(7) Replacement of wearing parts

1. Adjustment of the gap between the spectacle plate and the cut ring

Pump pump to send 5000 m3 left and right concrete should pay attention to look at the gap between the spectacle plate and the cut ring, if beyond 2mm, and wear evenly, you should consider adjusting the gap. The adjustment process is as follows:

(1) The hopper, S pipe valve cleaning clean;

(2) Unscrew the positioning screw 4;

(3) Tighten the special-shaped bolt 5, the S Thera to the rear wall plate of the hopper, so that the gap between the cut ring and the spectacle plate is reduced;

(4) Unscrew the positioning screw 4.

1 Sieve Mesh 2 stirring device 3 pendulum arm 4 stop screw 5 tightening nut

6 Cut Ring 7 rubber 绷簧 8 Glasses Plate 9 Outlet