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Knowledge sharing of washing turbine composition system

In China's environmental protection of martial law now, all over the active cooperation with environmental protection, but such a policy has indeed brought a great blow to the construction work. We all know that the construction site is generally a lot of dust, a clean and tidy car may go to a construction site, will be covered with dust, if such a car into the city Road, will bring a lot of dust pollution to people and truth.

This case,Washing turbinesEmerged.

The washing engine is designed for the construction site for the site vehicles, the primary target for the construction site vehicles chassis and tire scour, the design reason is because these site vehicles in the out of the time always sprinkle a dust on the city's roads, for the city's pollution can not be prevented, in order to prevent the vehicle to the city road pollution, Hot design of the washing turbine, professional scour vehicle tires and chassis, so that the project vehicles into the city to work at the time, will not be because of the car body dirty, and caused to the city's pollution, the following for the customers are preparing to buy washing turbines to introduce the eight systems of washing turbines, let us know more about washing turbines.

The development of the washing table is a high-tech active operating equipment, just as we all know the car is made up of several major systems, the full active washing machine also has its several major system composition, detailed as follows:

1) Electrical control system (including electrical appliances and active programs) His first function is to wash the engine switch, there are three modes can control the washing turbine, manual, remote control, active;

2) Active control system, is when the vehicle itself to open the car wash table above, wash the turbine will feel, do not need manual operation on the beginning of washing, this is the active induction function of the car wash table

3) active walking (transmission) system;

4) Active Sensing system;

5) Scour the function of tires, washing turbine use is not as long as the bottom of the water flushing, washing the two sides of the turbine also has scour function;

6) Active sprinkler system (including spray water, foam, wax water);

7) Active air drying system (necessary fan and close to blow dry function);

8) rack (i.e. frame). The overall cooperation of the above eight systems, so that it ends a fully active fine operation.

The above is this time the knowledge sharing, the next small part will bring you new knowledge about washing the turbine.