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What are the reasons for the slow speed of the concrete car pump?


With the acceleration of urbanization, concrete pumps have now been more and more useful by the construction side.Concrete Vehicle PumpAt that time, many construction units are very common a kind of concrete pump, this kind of concrete pump because can walk independently, mobile Bento is therefore popular with the broad construction side. However, after a period of time, the concrete car pump may be slow to transport concrete for a variety of reasons.

So what are the reasons for the slow speed of concrete car pumps transporting concrete? We visited the experts on this issue.

Experts pointed out: China's concrete pump trend is mainly car type concrete pump, because of its flexibility, mobile Bento, arrived at the site can be quickly and accurately in place, thus gradually replacing the towing pump. So what are the reasons for the slow speed of concrete car pumps transporting concrete? Now let's introduce the following in detail.

1, Aging wear

Once the concrete vehicle pump presents the phenomenon of aging, it may lead to the slow speed of transporting concrete, the general concrete vehicle pump aging includes the S valve wear too large, the discharge pressure does not reach the design standard, the accumulator pressure is missing, perhaps suggests the machine power lack and so on.

2, maintenance is not in place

In the daily days, if the pump pipe finishing is not complete, it will lead to the addition of pump pipe resistance, once the pump pipe condensed more old concrete, but also may lead to the situation of concrete car pump blockage. Other in the opening process of the pump pipe does not use water or mortar lubrication, but also may lead to the addition of resistance, at the same time the tube passing long, too much bending pipe, with a tow pump may also show the height of the material is too large.

3, the impact of concrete materials

There are many influencing factors of concrete material, including mix ratio, aggregate grain shape, etc., may affect the slow speed of transporting concrete, under normal conditions, the resistance of artificial aggregate will be greater than the resistance of natural aggregate, slender particles too much or aggregate angle is too large, sand modulus is too large, grade is not good, may cause the increase of pumping resistance. At the same time, in order to add pumped concrete pump, it is generally required to add plasticizer, in order to add the collapse degree of mixing material without separation, control the amount of drainage of the mixture. The influence of other mating ratio, the share of each material component is not suitable, the mixing time is missing, the field collapse degree is too large, may also lead to the concrete pumping difficulty.