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Cooling scheme of concrete cloth machine need to know


About the average temperature above 25 ℃, the production of 10 ℃ under the new mix is requiredConcrete cloth Machine, there is no separate, single-stage cooling method to meet the requirements of large-scale concrete production, must be tailored to the different cooling ups and downs.

Choose a variety of combinations of cooling methods, generally first choose the cold (including, of course, cold water mixing), in the cold can not meet the requirements of the increase in mixing building air cooling, when the cold, mixing floor air cooling can not meet the requirements, then choose two-stage relay cooling.

In addition to cold and liquid nitrogen cooling can be done "that is, cold ready to use", water cooling and air cooling are required in the aggregate into the mixer before 1~2h start cooling equipment cooling aggregate if can not immediately mix into concrete, it must be insulated storage, good insulation method is through the cool breeze insulation.

Therefore, as long as the coarse aggregate pre-cold, should adopt the mixing building air cooling method, so that can not only cool down, but also can keep warm. Because the silo section, height, capacity and high altitude equipment of the mixing building are constrained by space, the cooling fluctuation is not enough or due to economic and declining energy consumption considerations, the demand increases by one level of ground cooling.

Generally referred to as water cooling or building outside the air cooling, mostly located on the ground, is two levels of cooling in the first level. Concrete cloth Machine Choose mixing building air cooling, whether also need to cool on the ground, not only to see the size of cooling ups and downs, but also to see the production capacity of cold concrete.

If the production capacity of cold concrete is not high, when the cooling silo adopts the appropriate method and the satisfied time or air volume to bring down the aggregate temperature, it is not necessary to choose two levels of cooling; Conversely, even if the cooling fluctuation is not high, but the production scale is huge, by the equipment and aggregate storage warehouse, can not provide the satisfaction of the cool breeze Often demand two levels of cooling.

In this case, the more economical approach is that because the ground cooling by the plane and space constraints are relatively small, so can bear the main cooling load, and the upper floor air cooling is only as a thermal insulation, such as the beach Project air cooling accounted for only 10% of the total cold load, this is because of the cold cool breeze temperature of the mixing building, low cooling coefficient And the ground level cooling, the operation in the higher temperature zone, the refrigeration coefficient is high.

The combination planning requirement of the pre-cooling of concrete cloth machine is optimized according to the production scale and cooling fluctuation of cold concrete.