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The value of using fine stone concrete conveyor Pump

With the pump valve skills to move forward and the economy is gradually warming up, China's pump valve products will also usher in the same new production stage of development.

In recent years, the whole society has a focus on energy conservation, environmental protection, but also affect the future direction of pump valve products, its skills upgrade should also be in line with the needs of economic and social development, R & amp; d Planning Green, energy-saving, high-quality products as the policy, to achieve the leap-forward development of skills.

  Fine Stone Concrete Transportation pumpMainly used in housing construction, bridges and tunnels. Mixing concrete Pump Truck: The Concrete mixer and cloth rod are installed on the car chassis called the concrete pump truck. Concrete transport pump with mixer is a special machine capable of stirring and transporting concrete on site the speed of pumping concrete, the height of transportation and the horizontal interval are determined by the parameters of the main oil pump and the length of the cloth rod.

Plug also known as percentile or voids. Mostly used to test the machine tool extremely tight and fastening surface, piston and cylinder, piston ring groove and piston rings, cross head skateboard and guide plate, inlet and exhaust valve top and rocker arm, gear meshing Gap and other two parting surface between the size of the gap. Plug is composed of a lot of layers of thin steel sheet, according to the plug group to make a plug, each of the plug each piece has two parallel measurement plane, and all have thickness signs, for combination use.

In order to ensure that the concrete transportation pump not only has a large transport volume, but also has a certain export pressure and matching the economic power, in the concrete transport pump planning, most of the use of constant power piston pump, that is, when the constant power value is selected, when the outlet pressure is increased, the output displacement of the oil pump will automatically decline, to achieve the value If we want to achieve the purpose of high export pressure and large delivery volume.

When the operation pump is finished after the concrete pump is delivered, the amount of concrete remaining in the shipping pipeline should be estimated, because the concrete can be used after washing or compressed air scour. The concrete complexes left during the pumping process and when the pump is stopped shall be properly disposed of in a timely manner in accordance with predetermined sites and treatment methods.

The use of customers summed up a lot of experience: at the beginning of the time because of the lack of understanding of machine functions, often ingredients when the proportion of sandstone is not guaranteed good, resulting in material when dry, pumping is more difficult, and later through one months of workers grinding, the power of work significantly improved, daily can stir the pump to send more than 100 sides, The master of the forklift is also skilful a lot, basically covers all the rural concrete mixing pump sent all the project, just the pipe can be cloth where you can stir the pump delivery.

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